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This article will provide you with an information about the end-user possibility to be connected to the wireless EDUROAM network.

Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Students, employees and, under certain circumstances, guests of the Akademie hotelnictvi, may connect their business and personal mobile devices (laptops, tablets, …) to a wireless network. This connection is provided as a part of the eduroam project. Each user’s mobile device may use both wired (LAN connection) and wireless (WiFi) eduroam network, either on ACHR or other connected academic institutions that are all covered by EDUROAM network.

The EDUROAM mobility is based on the fact that the EDUROAM users may connect wherever the EDUROAM network is available. Once they get their EDUROAM IT, world-wide system remembers their credentials and allow them to use the Wi-Fi, or LAN. The user has only got one account that can be used at all places using EDUROAM (In CR as well as all over world).

SSID “eduroam” used in the school will provide you with a private IPv4 address via DHCP. SSID “eduroam” has a full coverage over ZŠ Miroš premises at the address Školní 74, 33843 Mirošov CZ.

In a document attached you will find out how to connect to EDUROAM, SSID “eduroam” at the ZŠ Mirošov.

Czech map of connectivity to the wireless eduroam network can be found here, Worldwide map of connectivity to the wireless network eduroam here.

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